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 Content of Statute

A Company, which employs at least 20 employees, is according to § 63 article 1 letter d) law No. 5/2004 Statute about employment services and about change and amendment of some laws according to the later regulations must employ 3.2 % of disabled persons.
If it does not, it must for each such missing employee pay the contributions to the state for default of compulsory share to employ the disabled citizens. The other possibility for the employer, who has not suitable workplaces in his own services, or because of other reasons could not employ disabled citizens, is to follow compulsory share of employment of such citizens through alternate fulfilment, i.e. through orders transfer to a sheltered workshop.

Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family granted Agentúra vzdelávania statute of the Sheltered workshop on 10th October 2011 in order to create work possibilities for disabled citizens, who because of their long-lasting unfavourable health are not able to find work.

Alternate fulfilment

Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family granted Agentúra vzdelávania statute of the Sheltered workshop, and it offers you the possibility to use the alternate fulfilment by invoice assignment in field:
  • Other education, first of all language, computer, accounting courses and many more on the basis of the request of the client.
  • Unofficial translations of diverse documents, fliers and web-sites.
The sheltered workshop displays invoice immediately after service delivery and receipt of the service providing for the purposes of verification of alternate fulfilment at the latest until 31st March of the following calendar-year.

Calculator for the contribution calculation and alternate fulfilment

Information summary of the given Statute of the sheltered workshop

Excerpt from the law about employment services
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